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of the amazing students we work with are accepted at their TOP CHOICE COLLEGE

earn acceptances to at least one of their

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You've got options, from comprehensive, custom support to self-guided online courses.

 About our One-on-One Packages 

The Comprehensive

You'd like support for you and your student every step of the way. Your student needs a list of schools that fit, a winning application, as well as guidance on interfacing with admissions.

(You may also have a few questions!)

By far, our most popular plan. 

College, Prep, Transfer & Graduate

The Concierge

You would like some one-on-one support for both you and your student. Your student needs a list of schools that fit and a winning application. 

You have the option of upgrading to The Comprehensive Package. *

* Our one-on-one packages have limited availability, upgrading is dependent on team availability in each given year.

The App Review —
for Seniors

The App Review is designed for seniors that want a set of professional eyes to review their application and provide valuable game-changing feedback prior to hitting submit. It includes one parent consult, two student sessions, and outside editorial reviews.

Phew, now you AND your student can sleep better.


The Supplemental Essay Package

On average, students write 8-12 supplemental essays. Some students write two to three dozen supplemental essays. These are  critical components of your student's application.

This option is exclusive to our Comprehensive and Concierge clients and includes: 

  • up to 10 supplemental essays 
  • two sessions per essay 
  • outside editorial reviews

One-on-One Packages from $1449

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our self-guided options.


About our Self-Guided Online Options for Parents

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the college admissions process? Want to learn more about the Premium Virtual Academy?

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New resources added every month. You'll find eBooks, downloadable PDFs, online courses, and webinars.

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Jessie Peck Martin MEd

“Jessie was absolutely wonderful for Emily... She also kept me sane.”


One-on-One Packages from $1449

Wondering which option you need? Book a Consult!
Jessie Peck Martin MEd

“Senior year [of high school] is not just about finding the perfect place to spend the next year. It’s about developing as a person and finding out who you are, what you like and dislike, and what you stand for so that you can launch into freshman year [of college] as a mindful person regardless of where you are.

Jessie helped me find my ideal college, and she helped me look for the answer to the questions, “Who am I and where is my place in this world?"”


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Need merit aid to make college affordable? Offers received net our students, on average, between $10K and $40K annually. That's $40K – $160K in scholarships -- not loans. 

Sound good to you?

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Jessie Peck Martin MEd

“Jessie made the whole college application process stress free for me and my children. CompassU provides timelines, guidance, and support through the whole process. I would recommend Jessie 100% when it comes time for you to begin your college search. ”

Parent of a Penn State grad and WVU student