How can the Elevated Admissions approach
help you and your student?

In the brief videos below,  you'll learn about Our Why, our Unique Approach, our Proven Results and our college applicant Acceptance List.

In short, our approach works:

100% of the students who have chosen to work with us* have been accepted to one or more of their their TOP THREE COLLEGE CHOICES.

Even better?

Fully 90% of our students* are accepted at their #1 CHOICE OF COLLEGE

Let's get started.

 — Jessie & the Elevated Admissions team

* Statistics reflect the admissions results for students who have participated in our Comprehensive package. 

  • Elevated Admissions

    “We hired Jessie during my triplets' sophomore year. She was always so prompt in returning a text or phone call! Each of my children learned so much and landed at their top choices. I highly recommend Jessie and her team at Elevated Admissions.”

    Parent - MIT, Penn, & Penn State


If your family needs merit aid to make
we can help with that, too.

 Our students, on average,
NET $40K-$160K 

  • Elevated Admissions

    “Jessie had an amazing ability to understand my teen and quickly developed a rapport with him that made him want to work harder and get the tedious tasks done. ”

    — Parent, St. Lawrence University




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